Name- Teh AbY
Birthday- Wasn't born. Was summoned. :D
Likes- To torture a certain redhead.
Dislikes- When said redhead wins.
Fav Charas- Gin. Gin. Gin.
Fav Pairing- Ichimaru x Ichigo >XD
Tools of Trade- My Yaoi-Gun, HMF baton.
Stat in SL- The lazy SLUG boss that has to be pushed and prodded to draw.




Name- Kyou Shirogane (Shiro)
Birthday- Wasn't born either. Was created in lab. =/
Likes- To draw on trains, coffee, sleep, eating, to do what humans do, anime+manga.
Dislikes- Being sleep deprived.
Fav Charas- Renji, Ichigo, Gin, Aizen, Hisagi, Izuru, Hitsugaya
Fav Pairings- Renji x Rukia, Ichigo x Ishida, Aizen x Gin, Gin x Izuru
Tools of Trade- My Neko-Flying-Object, and my PC
Stat in SL- Japanese promotioner?, scribber, dork. . . The Evil Manager. XD





Name- SW-Inku
Birthday- May have been spawned in hell
Likes- Drawing large hairy men in drag, manga & the color blue.
Dislikes- Bugs, math & the color yellow.
Fav Charas- Hanatarou, Rikichi, Ichigo, Ishida, Chad, Renji, Shuuhei, Izuru, Ikkaku &Yumichika.
Fav Pairing- Ichigo x Ishida, Ikkaku x Izuru , Shuuhei x Yumichika, Renji x Rukia, Rikichi + Hanatarou
Tools of Trade- Ink and quill, watercolor, marker, Dreamweaver, open canvas & will power.
Stat in SL- Abused web designer/maintainer

Links- Genki Inc. (Everything else)


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