"101 ways to woo a Strawberry"

Artists: All

+ Ishida attempts to win over Ichigo the old fashion way. (3 pages)

  Aizen + Gin      

 " Do you remember when. . . "

Artist: Shirogane

+ The story of Aizen and Gin and how they met. (3 pages)

  Rikichi + Hanatarou      

"Rikichi's Dilemma"

Artist: SW-Inku

+ After chapter 149 what is Rikichi to do with a fugitive? (2 pages)

  Renji + Rukia       "Fishing on a Nice (?) Day"

Artist: Shirogane

+ One CG + 10 sketches of a little daily moment with Renji and Rukia in the past. (3 pages)
  Ishida x Ichigo -> Ichimaru x Ichigo       "Wedding Disasters"

Artists: Shirogane + Aby

+ p1- Ishida x Ichigo, p2- Ichimaru x Ichigo, p3-5- ???!!! (5 pages)

"Shiroro does bleach "

Artist: Shirogane

+ A collection of mini 1 page comics. Some may contain some BL pairings and spoilers!! (11 pages)



Artist: Shirogane

+ Ishida's thoughts on choosing between Ichigo and gaining his powers back. Spoilers past ch.184 and hints of Ishida x Ichigo. (6 pages)

  Ichigo + Ishida?      

"Ignorance is bliss"

Artist: SW-Inku + Omake with Shirogane

+ Rated R - Not for children's eyes. Not Work safe. Ichigo finds something he shouldn't have. (2 pages)

  Renji's puppy      

"Renji's puppy "

Artist: SW-Inku                       

+Renji can't escape. (1 Page)

  Isshin's tips of love      

"Isshin's tip's on Love"

Artist: SW-Inku + Shirogane

+ Pairings - Isshin x Ryuuken - Ishida + Ichigo                                   

+A sketch collab of crack goddess. (2 Pages)

  SW's WTF theater      

"SW's WTF theater"

Artist: SW-Inku

+ The ongoing collection of SW's poor humor and mocking's. Some spoilers (3 pages)

  Card Captor Byakuya?!      

"Card Captor Bleach?!"

Arist: shirogane

+ Rukia tries to teach everyone the wonders of Halloween. . . or so she thought. . . (7 pages)

  Holiday Bleach      

"Bleaching the Holidays"

Arist: shirogane

+ A series of 4 panel comics drawn for the holidays for friends (5 pages)

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