- Must have paypal. (NO CASH!)
- You will be charged in US dollars.
- Must have a valid snail mail address.
- You CAN order online and pick it up at conventions we will be attending and we will hold it off. (*HIGHLY RECCOMENDED*)

Step 1: Look through the catalogue and pick out the pin(s) you want.
Step 2: Go open your e-mail account.
Step 3: Fill in the boxes on your blank e-mail like the following:

Subject: Pin Order
Mail content:

Your name:
Your e-mail:
Your snail mail address: (not needed if you want to pick up at a con. Just write which con it will be picked up for.)
List of pins you want from the catalogue:
(Example of GOOD orders: 1 of BL-PW-01, 1 of DGM-EX-03, 2 of SE-KH-02.
ID codes can be found on each pin. Copy and paste that along with how many you want.)

(Example of GOOD orders: 1 of Puppy Renji by Abycat, 1 of #1 Yachiru, 1 Renji and Ichigo looking angry at each other.
Full descriptions so we know which pin exactly you're talking about. )

(Example of BAD orders : Naruto pin, Hitsugaya pin.
Which one? How many? Clarify yourself!)

Full descriptions of pins you want to commission:
Character(s): (up to 2 per pin)
Other comments: (Any captions, expressions, attire, etc. The more detailed the better.
*note*- You may NOT choose which artist you want the pin from.
*note*- We will NOT do your own original characters. )

Any other Questions/Comments:

Step 4: Send the mail.
Step 5: Wait a few days ~ a week for a response. (If you get no response after a week, please contact us again.)

From there, you will get an e-mail from us confirming the order and how much you will owe us.
*note* - We WILL NOT send anything until the payment on paypal will go through.

If your payment goes through smoothly, we will send you another mail on the day or the next day the package was sent.
Please read the bottom of the shipping page regarding lost packages or tracking packages.