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Since we've getting a good amount of people using/linking fanarts from this site without our permission, allow me to take a moment here to say a few things on behalf of my fellow members.

What you cannot do with any of the art on this site:
- Do not color any of our works.
- Do not modify any of our works. (change the color, put filters on, put text on, run it through image editting programs)
- Do not copy/trace our works.
- Do not direct link/hot link anywhere.

- Do not make website layouts with our works.
- Do not make icons.
- Do not make signatures/banners.
- Do not reproduce our works.

What you can do with the art on this site:
- Just look at it for your own pleasure.
- Pass the link of our site to your friends (but not have them hotlink our stuff on sites)
- Hotlink/ Direct link only the banners on this site for linking is fine.

If you happen to have any questions or want to do any of the 'Do Not's, please ask us and we can talk it out. The tagboard or the BBS is the fastest way of contacting us.
If you also happen to find someone using any of our works, please contact us before blaming them. (there are some cases where we allow the usage of our fanarts)

Thank you and please enjoy browsing Strawberry Lemonade!
- shiro

+ Doujinshi

Title: Quincy Archer <3 You!
Rating: PG-13
Language: English
Genre: Humor/gag/comedy/semi-crack.
Pairings: Ishida Uryu x Kurosaki Ichigo + Ishida Uryu x Kon!Ichigo
Comic Artists: SW-Inku & Kyou Shirogane (team Strawberry Lemonade)
Story Author: Triste
Page Length: Around 30. 2 stories worth.
Price: US$5
Release date: July 2006
Preview(s): here
Status for Sales:
12 issues for Anime Expo 2006 - sold out
? issues for Otakon 2006- n/a
? issues for online sales- n/a

Title: Kira Kira Boshi (twinkle twinkle little star)
Rating: R
Language: English
Genre: Parody/romance/friendship/KIRA-therapy!
Pairings: Aizen x Gin, Gin x Kira, Kira + Renji, Shuuhei x Yumichika, Ikkaku x Kira
Comic Artists: Para, Jen-Kat, SW-Inku, JaB, Kyou Shirogane
Story Author: Peroxidepest17
Page Length: Around 64. 7 stories worth
Price: US$10
Release date: July 2006
Preview(s): here, here, here, here, here
Status for Sales:
12 issues for Anime Expo 2006 - sold out
? issues for Otakon 2006- n/a
? issues for online sales- n/a

+ Strawberry Lemonade Pins

There's more here with the prices!

We do take pin comissions as well! We can customize your own pin with your favorite BLEACH character(s)!
Would you like to order?

+ SW-Inku attends several East coast conventions a year, and she does sell prints of her works. If you attend one she's at feel free to stop by her art table and say hello.

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